Monday, June 20, 2011

Holy SMOKES! What a Fun packed 3 day's!!

Friday afternoon the plan was to shoot Walnut Creek with Fat Man and Jim Davis. I went home loaded up and headed over to Jims place. Upon packing the coolers with beers we were well on our way to a comedy show. This was Fat Mans first creek float in a kayak:)

After a break of courage we were ready to put in at the back side of Campbell Park. Fat Man was doing good for a first timer...lots of backwards floating but he'd made it over all the rollers safely. Which is exactly where I/we thought he may go in the drink:)

All good things come to and end, Fat Man tasting the drink, for the second time:)

Jim also got a little tasting as well:)

a beer break was in need after some more floating:)

Fat Man looks like a pro!

By the time we made it to 86th st we were dry on beers. Easy enough, sand bar it and hike the 1/2 block to the gas station for nesseities:) After getting beer and eating chips and beef jerky we were on our way again to Pal Joey's for the pull out. Fat Man went in the drink one more time....then saying fuck it and pulling out by TR's Pub. Jim and I floated on down, loaded up and went and picked Fat Man up. All in All a very killer day of floating with good friends:)

Days photos

Saturday started with a trip out to work for a few hours. Then Teri and I saddled up for a ride out to the Marina. Stopped at Beaverdale Cycles for a look at the sale goods before our ride. Lots of good ole bikes there:) While riding towards the Trestle Bridge off of MLK I spotted a pretty large patch of Black Raspberries. Setting the plan for what was going down after our ride. Teri and I stopped for a few beers on the ride. First one at Party Cove bench...not many boats out with the overcast day. Next one was at the Marina while we dreamed of owning a house boat:) Then the last one was clear back on the cut threw to Morning Star Drive. We went in towards the river to find a couple of kids smoking some weed. Major flash back:) Across the water at the powerline cut to Sycamore trail sat a couple dudes with a homemade jonboat/jet ski, propelled by a snowmobile motor. That thing would almost stand straight up when they gunned it. They even taunted a couple jet skiers coming up the river....the skiers wanted no part in racing:) Rolling up Beaver Ave we run into the Fat Tire Fun Rider's at Saints Pub. Saw Lopez and stopped for another beer with him. Upon leaving we ran into Sumptner..just who Teri has been looking for. Teri wanted one of the Bike Iowa cycling caps really bad...been talking about it for weeks. Today was her day. Come to find out Scotts a trading man also:) Thanks Scott! Time to head home and go pick some black raspberries, while Teri went and picked up Izzy from Grandmas:)

I drove to Hy-Vee on MLK and rode in on the Grey Ghost.

The berries where huge! I was as giddy as a school boy thinking about this pie:) But upon being 40ft. from my bike I couldn't see it. So I worked my way back up to the trail and SON OF A BITCH! Some fuckhead stole the Ghost! Now pissed, I see some guys's (Aaron and Ron) coming from MLK and ask if they'd seen the Ghost they stated no. But were heading towards Ankeny and if they came across it they'd get it back for me. Cool! I see a couple on the bridge so I go to ask them. They had seen it, with a little black girl riding with her sister tagging behind. Sum bitch! I head back to the car to drive up Euclid heading towards 6th Ave to see if they came up off the trail. Nope! So I headed to all the low income apartments off Mlk and Douglas, drove around... nothing...! Fuck it I'm heading home. Make it to Drake...

when I get a call from an unknown number...Hhhhmm. I pick it up, it was Aaron...they had took my bike from a little black girl and had it clear out at I35/80 and the pull out to Morning Star Drive....FUCKING AWESOME! 30mins. had went by and it seemed like a day. I was now super happy! I stop and buy a sixer for my new found friends. Upon getting to the lot come to find out niether of them drink...oh well hugs and a free tune up when needed then:) Still smiling:)

So it only made sence that I make a Smiley Face pie that night, cause it turned out to be another Great Day!

Sunday's Father's Day was awesome! Started out with a drive over to Beaverdale Cycles to pick up my old Thunder Jet. I had to sell this a couple of years ago to Ed, I was Great of him to kindly sell it back to me for what he bought it for. As it turns out Ed is a trading man.....sweet:) The day then proceeded to take us to Raccoon River Park for a mid day's swim and food afterwards. Johnny C, Mary, Eric and Matt along with all their kids played for an hour or so in the lake before it was grill time.

Teri, Mary, Eden, Bowen, Izzy, and Landon.

Rib-eye's, filet minon, brats, beef burgers, baked grillen beans and portabellas

Matt eyeing up the grub:) Skid reloading a tall boy.

After grubbing Bob and I took the boats out on Walnut Creek. Many Thanks to Brutha Matt for watching Izzy at the beach while Teri Sue drove us to the drop off:)

Skid showing his surfing skills. Mine sucked, this little wave ate me up and spit me out 40yrds down stream:) I came up with less....hat and shades gone:( Oh well I didnt' drown:)

Days photos

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