Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Monday, Monday:)

Ah Monday morning ride in with the Raleigh loaded for this weekends little camp excursion:) Des Moines River is up pretty high right now, most likely not riding North Side Targhetto cause that little water crossing isn't probably little any more.

saw a couple coyotes this morning too. I just love seeing nature.

This is a look at the newest piece of black label going in up by Ankeny. Basically runs from Kyles Bikes on SW Oralabor rd. to Cottonwood on the Niel Smith. Its actually done from Niel Smith to NW 26 and NW Fisher. Another 2 miles and I'll be able to ride black label all the way to work with only 4 or 5 miles of streets...nice!

I so wanted to cut the fucking fence down! Why in the fuck do they do this shit! Put a sign up saying where it fucking ends right now, instead of saying the whole fucking thing is closed! I may rip that shit out yet!!

Saw this house with a front rock pad like Teri and I would like to build in front of our place. Much fucking cheaper then a cedar deck...$4000 for 8'x 20':( Boo! Stayed home today to do some welding for the Heels & Wheels event coming up in May...gonna put a booth up and try to sell some goods to ladies with like minds:) This snow pry fucked up a taco ride also, unless we go to Banner tomorrow...we'll see.


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