Friday, November 12, 2010

5th Day of Sycamore:)

Teri Sue and I bailed outta work at 2:45 with a Sycamore North to South Side ride in mind:) As we were driving to the parking lot I saw some water fowl hunters heading to the river...more on that later. We flew through the North Side stuff and began the black label trek to the South Side. The City is working on the trail heading towards the South entrance so we bailed down into the Middle Section of Sycamore to ride the old qaud trail through the grassy fields back to the trestle bridge. Surprizingly it was pretty good other then one climb over section and the trail being rough from the deer tracks. Other then that all ridable. As we popped out onto the trestle Sumptner and Bachmann rolled up from their Scyamore and then some tour. We rolled on to Fish Camp for a bevy and some conversation. So good to see multiple groups of folks riding Syc again:) After the beer we pretty much seperated as I sized up the new jump in North Side:)

This is going to be stupid for some but for others just right:) Need a little work on the entrance....THIS IS NOT A ROLL OVER TYPE OF JUMP KIDS! Then a tranny exit, pretty flat right now and close to 4.5ft at the peak...then you HAVE to clear a bike length or you'll be paying the fiddler man:)

a look at the exit..

After dicking around here we boogied back to the jeep. But we ran almost litterly into the water fowl hunters ....on land wielding shootguns and cell phones:) Just past the powerline cut at that sandbar they were set up, I saw them 2 days ago also. Now I'm a hunter and love to kill shit...THAT I CAN EAT. I have very mixed feelings of this situation. If they were to shoot at some low flying birds coming up/down the river corridor they would then almost be shooting directly at or just above the Niel Smith pave trail. NOT COOL! And obviously if the were shooting the other direction they'd be shooting at the Sycamore trail. Even if they were in the middle of the river its a close 40yrds to either side where the public may get shot. Be careful out there kids...bow hunters don't scare me as they are up in a tree and can see us way before we get there:) Rainy day today, no trails tonight or most likely tomorrow. Sunday may be jepordized label anyone:)?


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