Thursday, October 28, 2010

Crazy wind ride home!

Left the day job at 2:45 headed for Denmans. Not a mile into my ride I'm crossing Oralabor over the median to head into the Karl Chevy's parking lot so I don't have to fuck with the stop light at Delaware. While wheelie dropping off the median I was litterly taken out by the wind! It spun me almost 90 degree's before taking me out. CRAZY I tell ya! Back on the bike and now at 3 miles in I'm at the Outter Limits area on NW 14th and I get bitch slapped by all the fucking corn husks blowing across the road. This while leaning at an almost 45 degree angle to keep the bike on the gravel shoulder. Smiling ear to ear though:) Once I made it to the black label things got more least with the wind. Now it was dodge the widow makers that had fallen onto the trail....some small, and other very large.

stopped at the ghetto shack to look at the graffiti. They've been busy since I was last in here. Great place for a party, if ya need to hide from the elements....HHHMMMM?

Just down the road as I was crawling through the fence to get back on the black label I find this nice shovel laying in the weeds. Well being of the Freegan type I strap that bitch to my camelback and roll...smiling wider now:)

Stopped at Johnny C's place, dropped off the shovel and we (John & Eric) headed for the dirt. Eric is Johnnys nephew and just getting back into this cycling stuff. So he's wearing a cotton T over some cotton long john tops, with shorts over cotton long john bottoms....totally 1996 attire:) Just like we used to was awesome and funny all at the same time:) We rolled Roller Coaster, Standard J and Denmans before we decided to take a safety break at the Pines. Blackford showed up too, just as the sprinkles where starting to fall I called it a night and went home with 25 miles:) Good Windy Day!


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