Thursday, April 01, 2010

Dirt is GOOD!

Dirt is GOOD....indeed it is, but all of it isn't dry yet. Was going to go hit Banner yesterday but opted out for a recon of Denmans.

Riding the normal forward route you can make it maybe 1.25 miles in before hitting the very wet area. So I turned around and started to clean the tread on my way back. Went back to a spot I knew was going to be good for a short cut and cut over to the last 3/4 mile exit line. So all in all you can ride maybe 2 miles of Denmans right now with the short cut line that Tom A. or I will go out and sign. This is good cause everyone is jonesing and will be riding out there any ways. Perhaps this way we will keep everyone outta the mud. I will be out checking almost daily, so I'll move the signs as things open up more.

This shows the open line through Denmans Woods as of 3/31

Follow and be Happy:)

As you can see in this photo there is plenty of water still in Denmans. Right now you can't see the SJ skinny in this shot....under water.

Dirty Express is all clear of debree...your welcome:) Squirrels nest entrance is still wet as you can see in the photo. Rhythm is out for awhile too.

the end of DE to bail to the trestle bridge is still you'll need to cross the tracks just before the entrance to Rhythm.

Riding tonight after I get off from the shop so 6pm roll out. Rain is a coming Friday and Saturday....better get out and get that dry shit while you can:)



Jared said...

It would be awsome if you could post this on the CITA website.

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