Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Ghetto Customs

What an awesome day that was. Sweet fixie ride home. The graffity has grown since I was last in this old building. I just love a good custom ghetto paint job. If I possed that skill I'd be slinging ink for a living:) After getting home Teri and I took Izzy out for one last trailer park ride seeings it was 60 degrees. Also had a conversation with Jordan about the Alley Cat he's going to be throwing on the 18th of December. More info on that real soon, this I do know Brother Trucker will be playing the house party, there will be a keg of beer, and it will start at 6pm all downtown action:) Sycamore 8 this saturday, need to get out and cut a new section of trail...thinking Friday afternoon for that. Shouldn't take no more then a few hours, if you want in on it give me a call. Parking on Beaver Ave just past Beaver Creek bridge.

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Travel Gravel said...

Getting those fades with a spray can is what always gets me. Once in a while I'll catch a passing train car with something on it that is incredible. Robots or death's heads, etc. Catch you later Holmes!