Friday, October 23, 2009

Center Trails Hillside Expansion

So on the Cita site it seems Center's Hillside has won out the votes with 32 over a Summerset expansion with 14. I REALLY THINK THIS BLOWS ASS! I love the Center, but I'm bored with it during this time of year and right now depending on how you lay your path out you can get 14+ miles in just one loop. Thats pretty fucking good kids. But come on don't you think it would be really sweet to have 2 trails to ride so we can change it up some? Well ok 2.5 trails...with Targhetto:) Summerset as it sits right now has roughly 3 miles of single track with 2 miles of pavement to connect it all. Don't you think it would be completly bitchen it it were 5 or 6 miles of single track? Center is a mere 4 min. ride from my garage...awesome for sure, Summerset is a 20 min. drive which is pretty close or an hour and some change to ride there...thats not bad either way. I guess what I'm saying is I will not be working on the Center Trails on scheduled work days on those day's I'll be a Summerset scouting and planning.



Courtney said...

Let me know when your going scouting I would like to learn about trail building.

Ken said...

Solution? IMO - more mtb peops. How do we grown more mtb peops? Is there a formula?

Justin said...

Squirrel, agreed, Summerset expansion = good
I think people want more trails at Center b/c it's five minutes away & not 20 mins
re: Summerset, talk to Steve Parvi, he's chomping at the bit for jumps, bumps & whatever else you skilled riders enjoy

Squirrel said...

Ken...just add more dirt and we'll grow more mtb peeps:)

Justin what the users aren't getting is its better to have more options not just more trail in one location:) But that my friend is just one turds opinion.

Brian said...

I'm in for Summerset. That north stuff holds up to rain so well it just makes sense to expand it. We need to unlock the middle. If I recall correctly there's already been some work done flagging. Let me know when we should tackle those hills!

Ryan and family said...

Thanks for your help today!

After you left, we connected the end points for two trails about three times longer than what they replace. Fast descending with good sight lines; the mirror is sustained climbing at around 10% grade with a few short sections around 15%. Lots of gateways and anchors, too.

Add a couple of log drops and I think it will meet everyone's approval ;)

Now, let's go pin some Summerset flow for those DNR volunteers! :)

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