Thursday, October 29, 2009

An Awesome Evening!

Jordan, Billy and I went out with the intentions of getting our first kicker jump installed. Cooler boom box...check, 18 pack of Bud heavy...check, chainsaw..check, shovels...check. Rolling out late we new we'd have limited day light. First up was we were going to tie up the RR crossing before Squirrels Nest to make it more forgiving for those that seems to crash a lot on tracks. There was a chunk of ties in the weeds that was used up the line just for this cool. We tried to cut it in half as its quite heavy, dull chain = crooked cuts about half way through on both sides....bail on idea. Then the taco riders show so we now had many hands to help move the whole enchilada. Get it over and set it only to see its to narrow and we need to cut it anyway....bail on this idea again:) Off to Big Boy as this will be where said jump will take resisdence:) Billy and I hiked back and picked up the plank we'll be using, by the time we go back it was getting dark and Jordan and JC had ran itno a root problem with our location so it became a night of just drinking and dreaming:) After a few beers we all went and hit Rhythm from the looks of it we were the first in there. Next mission it to get it back into riding shape. 4hrs and it'll be all good. Now back at the cooler of beer we have one more before our moon lite ride out of the woods. What a perfect evening!

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Buckshot77 said...

That must have been you guys we heard up on the levee paved trail as we were coming out of Denmans. I had fun on the stunts last night. Rode everything at least once. I did stall out on the big teeter though and used Neil's cheater method.