Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Stuff For Sale:

I have more to add. 515-490-6239
5 degree x 105mm x 25.4 $25
6 degree x 105mm x 25.4 $25
Shimano brake levers $10
Shimano brake levers $10
Surly 26" v barke only fork 7.5" steer length$20
Bianchi, Campy Chorus 10spd, 51cm $900
Schwinn 3spd (not working), needs new shifter. $30
60's Schwinn Starlet $50
great fixie frame Raleigh Pacer SS $25 large
40's skip tooth Schwinn Panther $200
$5 each

Ragbrai'rs dream sandles like new, size 43 $30
MTB fenders clip on $15
downtube slpash gaurd $5
Airwalk 151 snowboard, bindings, boots, mits, bag, goggles, and helmet, will separate $400 for all

Black Dog snow pants small $30


Buckshot77 said...

I'll call the black cap with the checkered stripe on it and maybe the BKB one too.

Webbies said...

I want the Ti fork. Only thing I am worried about is the 6 in steer part

Courtney said...

I'll take the pink cap and the red seat bag (if it has a light loop on the back.

3rdShift said...

Which tool is missing from the tool kit?

Would you take $60 for the tool kit and the North Face bag?

Squirrel said...

Rick- cool, although Jed gets the BKB cap.

Taylor- measure twice:)

Courtney- their yours:)

3rdShift- My bad, actually there is a chain tool, crescent wrench, and spoke tool missing. I have them though so $65 would still be a steal:)

Courtney said...

I also might be interested in the tandem..email me your phone number, courtney.hilton87@gmail.com.

Rob said...

I will take the Thompson stem.

Give me a shout. captainbobinc@gmail.com


hincapa said...

what size are the shimano spd sandles.

I love them shoes.

I need a size 11-12
if that's them,

dibs, just save them for me.
i'll get them somehow...

3rdShift said...

Sweet! I'll take the bag and tool kit for $65, then. Could you email me at robschneideriii[at]gmail.com with your payment preference?

Squirrel said...

hincapa...sorry 43's.

Anonymous said...

What kinda size is the Fugi SS? Thanks, Travis

Squirrel said...

50cm Travis.

Mark said...

I will take the trailer... I am assuming I won't be able to use my Clix with this setup, so you may have to help me with changing it out! Give me a call when you want to do this. Later!

RD said...

would you ship to Omaha?
I wouldn't mind taking that singulator off your hands let me know

Anonymous said...

BG - said

I will be in Des Moines next MOnday/Tuesday and would like to look at the tandem if it is still available.

B George

Squirrel said...

RD hell yeah I'll ship to Omaha. BG just give me a call I've been putting sold by items that are gone. Saw Courtney last night he didn't mention anything soooo.....

Rob said...

I will take the Avid brake levers too.

Rob Walters

RD said...

if you could email me at rafald1 at yahoo dot com. That would be sweet. I might be interested in that pacer frame as well if it takes 1 1/8 forks

Ben said...

I'll take the Ti fork. Shoot me an email. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

Would like to look at the Fuji tomorrow if your available. Working until 5:15.

Jeff K.

Anonymous said...

BG said
I'll take the tandem. Where you going to be Tuesday afternoon/evening?

Squirrel said...

Sweet guys!

Jeff I'll make sure I'm around.

BG we have a class to go to at 6pm on Tuesday night, usually home by 3 or 3:30pm.

Anonymous said...

Anyway I could meet up with you Wednesday morning? Otherwise I can make 3:30 work. BG

Squirrel said...

we're cancelling the class BG but I do have a phisical at 3pm that I forgot about, should be home by 4:15 or so. will that work for ya? We leave by 6:15am in the mornings.

JanuskieZ said...

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Psyclepathic said...

Dude, I want some hats. Could you pack up some purdy ones and ship 'em to me.

I'm at psyclepathic at gmail.


ps I shit you not the word verification below is "inssest". That's just weird..., brother.

Captain Bob said...

Ok. I will buy that ti fork. Send me a note at captainbobinc at gmail