Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Seven Oaks is a Blast!

Boone is ripping fast right now!


Buckshot77 said...

Wow, those look much nicer than when we rolled through there in July.

Ben Bolin said...

So what is the course profile like? We got a team from KC coming up and we have no idea what kind of hardware to bring. Thanks!

Ben :-)

Squirrel said...

45% climbing..nothing long, but everyone of them are power short climbs. 40% downhill....some very fast. the rest may be considered sorta flat. lot's of off camber, some bridges, roots, and a few tight switchbacks. If it gets wet prepare for a train wreck, lots of clay that just gets crisco slick. I love this course cause its mentally demanding, if you get off trail you'll either have a shit load of poison ivy to deal with or thorns in your tires:) Gears are what I take for solo efforts:) In 2006 I ran a 34x23 gear ratio for roughly 9hrs in the solo's I would have been locking up sometime in the night had I kept going.