Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ida Grove IMBCS #4

The weather most likely played a big roll in not many racers showing up for the 4th installment of the IMBCS Series. And let me tell you I wasn't feeling tip top by no means. Saturday afternoon some friends of ours were having their Wedding Reception, Teri, Izzy and I went over around 3pm staying til 7:30 or 8pm doing nothing but carb loading on Fat Tire. I've done smarter things! So the whole drive up was rainy, and foggy as hell. Took me almost 3hrs to get to Ida Grove, I took the slower route. If you go up there it is all about I80 to 59 Northbound...this route is 2.5hrs:) Knowing Cam wasn't going to be there I was thinking a first could possibly happen....even with my beer legs.
Upon getting there that changed when I see Mark and Nate, buddies from the western land....looks like it'll be racing today:) The course was surprisingly all ride able even with all the moisture it had recieved. I did a recon lap on the Monkey with a 32x18 set up. Only one slightly techical spot on the whole trail and it was with in the first mile. There was alot more climbing then my legs and back were prepared to do so I opted to race Stumpy. 9 of us toed the line with a 100yrd. straight shot for the single track. My plan was to hold Nates wheel as long as I could then try and hold Mark off. I ended up in the damn lead going into the single track. Not long I found myself sliding out in a wet spot with Nate pulling a spectacular bail off his bike trying not to run me over:) We had a good lead already, so back on and off we go. Nate jumped infront of me and started to pull away. I tried half heartedly to close but my legs just weren't responding. Back to the plan of holding Mark off I guess. First lap was good, on the second lap I was still holding onto 2nd. I could see Mark in certain parts of the trail, which wasn't good. So I thought I'd push a little harder and maybe create a big cushion. By lap 3 I didn't see him where I had been before so I assumed it had worked. Now on lap 4 just barely into the single track that focker is knocking on my back door!?! Where the hell did he come from? Around he goes, and poof he's gone! Well shit...time to suck it up and hang onto 3rd. By lap 5 I seemed to just be cruising, I just couldn't get my damn heart rate up. I was smiling though! In the end I finished 3rd, I knew I should have chicken winged that damn single speeder:) All in all the trails where sweet! Jesse and Jason have done an awesome job. I think and from the looks of the park there is plenty room for more.

I mean look at rained all the way up to the race and it was all rideable every lap.

a sweet and fast downhill to a couple bridges.

I'll defineatly be back up to camp and ride the trails, just another compliment to the park is you can camp there too. Next up is the Sycamore MUD FEST Time Trial....the plan as of today is still a go with the race. I mean would the fucking Belgians cancel a race due to some mud....I THINK NOT!


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Julie said...

Kyle wants to go camp sometime too! Not far from my old stompin' grounds.