Monday, May 18, 2009

Boone was Cancelled:(

Weather looked to be promising for the 7hr race at noon on Friday. Come 2pm though the rain had different plans, and by 4pm when we arrived at Seven Oaks the next wave was about to piss on our parade of camp set up in "its raining cats and dogs" proportions. An inch of rain in just 3hrs, was not good to the trails. Called Kyle and the decsion was made to cancell. We were going to just drive back home but Izzy was pretty set on camping so we set up for the night. Had the whole place to ourselves...couldn't imagine why:) Ended up having to many beers and staying up til 11pm with Izzy loving it:) Cold on Saturday morning we hiked around a little bit then packed up and headed home. I blew off riding as I was bummed about not being able to get a good effort in for the day...oh well. Sunday morning I rode some of the Center then it started to spit, I bailed on the ride to go home and plant the garden and put up fence to keep Bianchi out. A good weekend with my ladies for sure but I need to get some riding in, so Teri and I are heading to Boone today. 2pm in the parking lot below, a couple laps and we're headed back to the city.



Iowagriz said...

Whats the report on the Center Trails?

Squirrel said...

a few wet spots...nothing bad at all. Sounds like someone got out Sunday with a mower:)