Thursday, April 09, 2009

Targhetto is UGLY right now....

Rode home intent on hitting Targhetto to check its condition....well its still a quad trail. The northern end used to be pretty good, now its a qaud rut all the way to Fish Camp.

Took Izzy out last night to watch some Taco Riders and Mommy hit the dirt. Found the beer cooler had a couple then went to Giff's for tacos and headed home.

FYI... this is the middle bridge on HillSide, we need to replace it soon. I jumped up and down on it and its stable enough for now. But if we get some big rains this thing is going to become a hazzard. Keep it in your thoughts kiddies!

One more week til the first race of the year...going to talk to Teri about a long session on the Center Trails starting Saturday morning. I would like to knock out a hundy as a test for a Fundraiser idea I have for CITA and of course just good ole' riding. WE NEED A TOOL TRAILER!



Buckshot77 said...

I think maybe we need to talk a bit about a trailer.

Courtney said...

A hundred miles of center trails ? 8 laps...ouch

ZtotheB said...

With a few good rains, it also becomes a liability.