Thursday, April 30, 2009

Stumpy is on a Diet:)

Carbon is GOOD for dieting:) Almost 3 lbs lighter, and I'm looking for 2 more at least. When I hit 21 lbs I'll be content. Easton EC90 bar was put on last night...I'll be testing its durability:) I destroyed an earlier version about 5yrs ago in a crash in Winter Parks point to point race. New carbon nanotube technology claims a 15% more stronger bar. Time will tell:) Wheels are changing to my Easton XC2's, then a 80mm stem when I find one I like. Stumpy and I have ridden home the last 2 days trying to bond...its been good for sure. On Tuesdays ride home we got mooned by a little black boy on Waterbury St right before 56th...that was damn funny:) Wednesday we stopped for some morels (5) before flying home and getting to the shop a little late. Today we were going to ride in but with all the cars vs. bike bullshit going on as of late I said no to the incredibly foggy commute this morning. I'll be taking the fixie to the shop, then at 7pm I'll be throwing down an hour of urbanna black label before heading home...yummy:) Have a great day kids!


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jason said...

nice work. maybe I need some carbon in my diet ... and not for my bike. ha. let me know if/when you ride in via tressel. if you're bored Saturday night, we're having a fire and beers. c'mon over. rock.