Monday, March 23, 2009

Summerset will put a Welcomed Smile on yer Face!

IMG_1964, originally uploaded by Dirty Moines.

Put in about 7hrs of riding this weekend...gonna have to be good enough. Friday was around 3hrs of urbanana with some dirt in there. Saturday was awesome..the folks that came to ride and work the CITA Ride Work Party where fantastic. 6 of us rode down and worked, then rode a lap or 2 of good dirt:) Ate fat ass Chipolte burritos, had a beverage then we rolled towards home 3 strong. A couple beer stops where taken, along with a SPERM stop. Good times for sure! Sunday turned into yard work/ recoup/ eat a lot:) Headed to Arkansas Friday evening, 4 days of sunshiney DRY single track!

Justins work day photos



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Steve Fuller said...

Good good times this weekend for sure. Looking forward to the next one.