Thursday, March 05, 2009

Energy Level coming back very SLOW

Yesterday was the first day since the poop that I had enough energy to do something extra in my boring day. Lifted in the afternoon then went for a putt on the Super Mirage down to the Collective. BS'd it with Grahm for 30 or 40 mins, looked over the abundent amount old bikes that we'll be working on Friday night, then simply headed back home. I knew on the climb up to Conlans house that I wasn't going to push it at all...patients and I'll be back better. CIRREM race is looking to get a little more interesting now with the rain forcasted and chance percentages getting higher:) I'm sure I'll be just trying to finish if I feel like I did last night. CITA's Bike Collective work night is tomorrow evening at 7pm, come down and help out or stop by.

70 degrees for today....GET OUT AND RIDE!


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kc said...

no matter what the weather...cirrem is going to rock!!