Sunday, February 15, 2009

Sunday...3 more hours of Denmans Woods

Two days of burning in the tread at Denmans.....WHOOT, WHOOT! Ran into the big group of snow shoe'rs....Basso, Blackford, Pig, Lou, Kris, and the others I can't remember. I came up behind them and gave a "I'm fucking training get off the trail" to the last guy in the line. It happen to be Rich Wince and well we don't know each other at all, but if looks could have killed ole' Rich was the fucking Grim Reaper. Cause he seemed not to like my statement even though I believe Kris heard and new that I was just joking. Jed Gammel was out laying down some time too, a couple runners and that was it. Yesterday "SJ" didn't have water under her today she did....gonna be real shitting in there after Wednesday's rain I suspose. Back to the gravel I guess:)

icy warm feet:)



Buckshot77 said...

Good seeing you out there. I was so jealous of not having the time to ride this morning. Only had an hour to throw down with the boys on snowshoes and then had to boogie back home to work on an engine.

Steve Fuller said...

Looks like fun. We got 3 hours of gravel out to Booneville and back through Van Meter this morning. Found some more hills here and there.

One of the runners said...

I've got to thank you. The trail was awesome today! You've blazed the best path I have seen there in a while.

Ryan and family said...

Fun laps today, indeed... Got your Saturday text on Sunday, and it pushed me right out the door for a bit. Thanks ;)

Kris said...

Hey Squirrel,

I really like your blog, i need to ask you a question, what is your email?