Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bianchi was sitting and watching the deer in Squirrels Nest

Went for a hike through Denmans and Squirrels Nest last night with Bianchi. We were looking for antler sheds....we didn't find any. The trails in Denmans were shitty...that is icy and what dirt there was....was wet and soft. I would recommend staying out of there til we get through this last hump of winter. Squirrels Nest was pretty much all ice covered....it will be awhile before we're in there again too. My weekend at Frost Bike was more of a party ride turned into a hang over, not wanting to chat folks up on Saturday at Frost Bike. So I talked to Kerkove, Julie, Kyle, Don, Mark, and the Sasla guy's then boogied home for a nap. 4hrs sleep at Hurls was not enough:) Riding home today, then tomorrow we're doing gravel from work.

"SJ" looking so inviting. Talk about perfect placement by Kyle and Kurt. Great Job again guy's.

Serpent still lives...

lot of ice in Squirrels Nest



Brian said...

That is one upright dog. Excellent posture Bianchi!

Anonymous said...
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