Thursday, February 26, 2009

Ankeny Gravel ride

2.5hrs of windy pavement/gravel was had yesterday with Johnny and Rick. I'm 3 wks in with 9wks to go on weight training which I haven't done since 1997, my legs are feeling great. I'm pretty stoked for this year, and have only one major goal....24hrs of Seven Oaks. Going to be riding up there as much as I can this year! Easy day today...1hr of AR...most likely done at work on lunch:) No snow today....hell yeah!

this little guy was eating some dead wabbit when we stopped for a quick piss break at the bridge. I tried to get him to play possum but he wasn't having any of that play dead shit.

So I thought I'd just try and slap him into playing possum:) photo stolen from Rick.


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