Monday, November 24, 2008

Turkey Day Ride coming UP!

Turkey Day Ride 2001, Sterling Hiese, Scott Real, Wade Thompson, Chad Vanderlune, Paul Thompson, John Conlan, Brian Atkinson, Teri Pottorff, Brian Pottorff, and Jeff Madison.

Well its here already... time to indulge in all the fattening crap you can throw down your pie hole. Thursday is the Turkey Day Ride...8am Ashworth pool. This ride goes on no matter how thee weather may be:)

28 rider's showed up last year on one of the coldest/iciest Turkey Day Rides yet. Weather is looking to be good for this years ride, expect to hit all the single track we can on the Center Trails. Took a week off from started to get not fun when pushing so hard. So tonight I'm going back out for the next few day's to see if I can stick me a deer. I have a couple new/old bikes in the collection too. A new commuter for me and a new tanked dirty rat bike for Teri. Photos up soon. We gave up the net at home for 3 weeks before breaking back down to the needs and wants and info of thee flowing net....hooked back up tomorrow:)

Peace and Good Day!


Steve Fuller said...

I saw three huge bucks and just about t-boned a large doe yesterday morning. They are out there brutha Squirrel. Maybe hunt from the bike?

Courtney said...

Surly will need to invent a bottle cage bow mount. Maybe a hemet mount crossbow that way you wouldn't even need to stop.

the mostly reverend said...
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the mostly reverend said...

man, squirrel--
there's enough grease in that first photo to deep fry a turkey!
very cool shot of the old boys.