Friday, November 28, 2008

2008 Turkey Day Ride

Close to 50 mates rolled out for some frozen miles in the woods. Hope everyone ate well:)

Turkey Ride photos



Godfather Marco said...

Sweet ride as always bro - have a great weekend!

Steve Fuller said...

Damn good times. One of my favorite rides of the year. Too bad we can't get more people out in big groups like this a little more often

Buckshot77 said...

Definitely had a blast riding yesterday.

Courtney said...

Awesome ride. It's always fun to get 50 people on tea cup(roller coaster). But I like most of the improvements to roller coaster and its fun to watch people fall down. Thats why I fall down so much.

Squirrel said...

tea cup and roller coaster....Courtney are you hanging out with all them fucking Republicans? Thanks for coming out.