Thursday, October 02, 2008

Targhetto/Taco Ride Goodness!

Taco Ride, originally uploaded by Squirrels Cycling Lyfestyle.

Getting ready to break for tacos.

Hooked up with Andy yesterday afternoon @ 2pm for a fast track spin on Targhetto. Shortly into the ride I is where the 1st of many to follow beers was had:) Targhetto is getting funner every day:) We saw one other rider out and we road everything but the Tai hillside. The loop where the Jesus bus was at is open and a single loop of big ring if you've got one. The Belly of Targhetto (behind Bob Lenx Land Scaping) is getting a better line that you can now see......kinda tough with all the leaves in this piece....a mower would be welcome in this section. Southern power line could use a mowing too.

Andy and I rode some very old trail that back in the day we rode all the time. Do you know where this trail head is:)?

this can be seen off this old trail....

After Andy and I busted ass through some old trail it was urbanna back to my place. On our way we were on Franklin Ave a few blocks past Beaver when some ass hole fucking driver from Florida thinks he owns the fucking lane here in Iowa. Nobody was coming head on so he had a completely open lane to pass with room, but no not this fucking moron. Well dumb ass got so close that while riding I got to do some beating on his fucking car and window. Pissed as hell I give chase as he's flipping me off with Andy in tow....where are the gears when you need them:) He made it to 48th and bolted....mother fucker! I really just wanted to educate him on the passing of a cyclist:) I would have handled this with great restrain and professionalism:) Cause I'm a LOVER not a fighter! Get to my place feed Bianchi and head to the shop for another beer. Small talk then take a beer for the road and head to Squirrel's Nest for a saftey meeting @ thee old fire pit, before the meeting of thee great CITA minds on the work day for Oct. 11th on Roller Coaster. All went swell with the meeting, Roller Coaster is going to be hot in its new clothes:) Taco ride was good too, with Matt bring more beer, a couple of crashes too round out thee evening, a blistering light headed pase through Denmans after said beers and crashes, and a large group for taco's. All in a day's fun mates:)

Taco Ride photos



matt said...

center trails + cheap beer + cheap tacos == big fun + legendary flatulence

Good thing my cubicle has a window!

Brian said...

Sorry I missed it. Matt that handlebar looks better as a (half) swayback beach cruiser anyway, keep it like that.

Steve Fuller said...

Taco rides keep getting better and better each week.