Monday, October 06, 2008

Quarter Rage #3/Hunting

Its gonna take a huge turn out to beat this past Friday nights first ever Night Quarter Rage! I intended being home around 9:30pm.....I rolled into the garage at midnight.....just in time for my last beer, and the first on my birthday. Some photos and then the results. So you all can assume that Saturday was a REST day.....and I'm sure I wasn't thee only one. I had planned on being in my tree stand Saturday morning but that wasn't going to be happening now. Teri and I took Bianchi out Saturday mid morning to run through Denmans so I could make sure we got all the garbage out. We did an awesome job.....only missed one can and 2 bottle caps:) After that I purdy much layed around the house vegging. Sunday morning Jeff and I went too thee woods. I saw 12 deer, but no shots, Jeff shot a spike.....its good being a meat hunter......shoot anything that comes into range:)

Better get your dirt in today, looks like rain again for thee Taco Ride....gonna try to hit Center around 5pm today.


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bluecolnago said...

happy belated birthday!

a bit slow saturday morning? that just means friday night must've been good. don't remember friday night? that's ok, just ask those who were there and believe everything they tell you!