Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Damn Smile..

Went out last night and hit Denmans forward and reverse....boy was that a welcome feeling.....ah thee memories. Ran into Kent, and Sammy, Kent and I proceeded to finish out my lap then it was home for the both of us. While smiling ear too ear I was thinking of Quarter Rage.....and its time to bring it back! With our beloved DQ leaving our area sometime in thee near future we can't let QR and CranksGiving go too. A little birdie told me last night that the PRC Girls will be taking over CranksGiving.....so that left me for QR....SaWheat!! Hell we didn't even get one QR in during the fall of 07. Here's what I'm thinking....Friday evenings instead of Wednesday's....I mean come on thats Taco Ride night....same number of rages (4), only this time 2 will be during light hours, and thee other 2 will be night time rages:) Times will be smoking fast as thee flood washed away most of thee logs....they will be coming back over the next month:) So September 12,19, 26, and Oct. 3 are going to be the dates. I'm forseeing some sort of party after the 3rd.....my bday is thee 4th so we should get it on in the woods! Let's do the 12th, and 26th for day rages, and thee 19th and 3rd for nighty time:) Start times will be 5:30pm for day and 7pm for night.....of course if its not dark enough by that time we'll push it back. Mowing thee levee and connector trails this afternoon.....Yee Fucking Haw!! I have too add that today is Teri and I's 8th anniversary.....can I get another....Yee Fucking Haw!! I love you baby!



the mostly reverend said...

congrats, you two.

Steve Fuller said...

Denmans open - Kick's ass.
Quarter Rage - Kick's ass.
Squirrel's Bday - Kick's ass
Eighth Anniversary - Kick's the most ass.

Buckshot77 said...

Congrats on #8 man. We hit the same one this year and it kick's more ass every year.

Andy said...

Yee Fuckig Haw all over the place. Life seems to be going your way.

Julie said...

Happy Anniversary! How time flies when you are having fun!