Friday, June 13, 2008

No Commuting til thee Water Goes Down

Well crap....thee only way from Johnston too Ankeny via bike now is the Mile Long Bridge or University Ave.....hell ya can't even take University now they've closed it at 2nd Ave. The point being I don't like getting to work after 7am let alone makeing it after 8am. The extra distance puts us into work too late...that sucks cause today is going to be bueatiful. Riding this afternoon with Teri and Izzy...just gonna putt-putt:) Thats all I have....stay dry:)

Denmans Lake....

running water into Squirrels Nest....Center Trails Flood 2008 photos

Banner Lakes at Summerset State Park Flood 2008 photos


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Neve_r_est said...

Time to get the creek boat out.