Monday, June 02, 2008

Great Riding Weekend

Saturday Teri and I flew black label out too Adel and back....

Sunday morning Adam, Sterling and I flew black label down too Martensdale and back..

DUDE....lay off the bad food bro:)

Sunday afternoon Rick, Kent and I loaded up our little punksters and headed out black label for some parking around...afterwards we headed back too our place for some bubbles and grilling of meat, and of course a couple nice beveies. Kent and Taylor had too bolt, they were missed.

(Kents) Taylor and Izzy on the slide....

(Ricks) Corley and Izzy on thee swings..

Bubbles and more bubbles for the night:)

Most definiatly a great time we need too do burgers and whatnot in a park off the black label somewhere....with all thee ladies....and more buddies with their families:)

Taking today off, my legs are burt....but thats good right:)

Water Works park...coming from Park Ave....I want you all too know I could have made it:)



Buckshot77 said...

Dude, anyone tell Sterling the skinsuit look is out this season?!

Great hanging with you guys yesterday. More Sundays like that are definitely a good thing.

Ryan said...

"The trailer park ride" has a nice ring to it... :)

Parker and I would join the next one for sure.

jason said...

missed ya this a.m. my friend. hopefully there is some riding still in the weather cards for this week.

nice to meet you on the ride saturday, Rick. I got in about 50 that day. beautiful morning to ride...