Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tough decision....No Racing This Year:(

Things are very tight and I've been just too damn selfish to give in to logical thinking. No Sylamo now, no Dirty Kansas, no Almanzo, 2 races I've already preregistered for...wasted money...yes but no more monies will be spent so its going to be in the end monies saved. This is a tough decision for me, I love to travel with other mates BSing good times, riding new trails and meeting new people. But alas this year its not going to happen with our current situation. Riding will be happening:), and that is all I really need. I will live vicariously through others blogs and reviews of their races. So good luck too all of you this year.



kent said...

you better defend your 24hours of iowa crown....with 3k on the line this year it'd be hard to pass up.

gpickle said...

Whatever happens....

The Cup O Dirt is a fine way to spend a season and no travel cost or time involved. That was a huge plus to it for me last year!

Anonymous said...

The free entry deal for the Blue Mound 12 still stands. Round up a few friends and make the 4 hour drive to WI.....Racin' is on me.


EXPO Racing said...

Put all your eggs into one basket and race the biggest race of all time!

Hmmm, Now which one is it???

I wouldn't be able to pick just one.

cvo said...

my brother,

I know how times can get tuff,

but I will not accept your bail out of hff, If I need to, I will drive to your house, club you on the head, stick you in the car, and smuggle you to Minneapolis in October,

if need be, the weekend is on me, I'll come up with a place to stay, and buy you so much beer, you stay pickled till wednesday afterwords.

I will not take no for an answere,
I'm only gonna get to see you once this year, we're gonna make it worth it.

keep the pics, the stories, and the good vibes rolling.

miss you buddy,
good luck in the races you get to do, I know you'll kick ass,


Squirrel said...

No worries on HFF bro, Teri and I will be there hopefully with some other Des Moines mates....its not a race its a Bike Party:)