Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Leaving 4 Moab Tomorrow!

Rolling home today too build up the K2 FS as a 1x9...was going to take the Monkey out...but said fuck that rigid shit...this is why I kept the K2 around....riding out west deserves a full suspention....even if its a whimpy XC bike:)

first thing....I'm firing up the smoker, for a little deer loin action....nothing like a good smoked deer loin...as long as I'm not half crocked and over cook it....then it simply just sucks. Smokey goodness in the middle of Moab:)

I'd also like to thank brutha Jimmy @ 2 Drunk 2 Shift for the sawheat ass schwag gifts for Teri and I....thanks bro...I'll be sending you a little sompen, sompen, when I get back from Moab.
There won't be much typing going on here for the next week, but I'm sure I'll load up some photos:)

Peace Mates!

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2drunk2shift said...

Glad it fits. Quite fashionable. Have fun in Moab.