Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Back in the City!

The trip was more then what I could have expected. In short Moab is a must see/do/ride at least once in your lifetime. Porcupine Rim was awesome, Slick Rock was a trip...I mean how else do you explain riding a 99.9% rock trail, and climbing incredibly steep inclines. I WOULD NEVER, EVER, EVER AGAIN DO POISON SPIDER! EVEN IF I HAD A FUCKING GUIDE TO SHOW ME WHERE THE HELL THE "INFAMOUS PORTAL TRAIL" IS. AS WE DIDN'T FIND IT. WE DID HOWEVER FIND PLENTY OF 4X4'S, DIRT BIKES, QUADS & MORE SAND THEN I EVER WANT TO PUSH MY BIKE THROUGH EVER,EVER,EVER AGAIN. The views were fascinating all around. After 2 days in the dessert we were off too Fruita to hangout and ride with Tom. Tom is a friend that Teri and I met back in 2003 at the first Gnome Fest of Gary Lakes. We could have stayed in Fruita for weeks. Having Tom as a guide made things very sawheat, he knows all the trails, and is a local shop rat at the coolest bike shop in Fruita....Over The Edge Sports. I would HIGHLY reccomend going to Fruita...Tom just kept saying we didn't even ride the really fun stuff. Zipity Do Dah was hands down my favorite that we road. Now its back to the daily grind of Iowa wild weather patterns:) Come on sunshine.....its Morrel time!

a view from the Porquepine Rim trail
a view from the Poison Spider trail
some Slick Rock action
Matt and Arnold at Over the Edge Sports drinking many beers with the crew..
the group on top Zippity Do Dah...
love it when the signs read like this...
clicky for large view of thee exposed Zippity Do Dah trail...and this is just a piece of it:)

First 11 pages are photos from thee whole trip, minus a few from the crazy ass drive back



Jeff Kerkove said...

What is fun is riding the Portal Trail and Poison Spider after you already have 7 hrs of ride time in. That was my first experience of that trail during this years Rim Ride.

Carney said...

Yup, I've been lost on Poison Spider...

Only hiked the portal trail, don't know it I'd want to ride it in a few spots without a parachute on my back!

I still daydream about the singletrack sections on Porcupine...good stuff!!

Chris said...

I rode the Poison Spider in 1995 and liked it a lot. Maybe it has changed since then. I do remember there being a lot of sand which kind of sucked, but other than that it was a killer ride.

Iowagriz said...

My only time on Poison Spider also had us lost for a few hours first, but it was fun once it was found. Heading back in for the first time in 10yrs in 3wks. Did you get a hundy in?

the original big ring said...

bump into any Canadians down there? A few buddies from Ottawa were down at the same time as you.
Nice pics.

MG said...

yeah, zip kicks ass, and zip is one of my particular favorites too. glad to see you guys had a good time there. we stopped making the extra drive to moab and always just stop in the fruita/junction area now when we're headed out that way.

lookin' forward to seeing you at t.i., good buddy.