Thursday, March 06, 2008

Brain Dead..

Got into work this morning thinking I was going to get the Bianchi done and wham...brain fart....shimano freewheel no worky with Campy dumbass:( In all my giddiness I forgot this, all good though I have a Campy equipped wheel set at home I just have too wait now....damn I hate that. Ride home yesterday got cold...damn...and was purdy uneventful...the wind was good...the streets where good as was the black label. Rolling the fixie back home today with a stop in the East Village for a photoshoot with some Drake fixer's...seems Max is a writting an article for the Drake rag:) Should be fun as I missed the Tuesday shoot. Warm weather coming next week...yeehaw.



Noel said...

Rode to work today. Gotta start making a habit of this again. Sick of paying for gas and I'm in a much better mood when I get to work.

Anonymous said...

That is the most inventive mechanic stand that I have ever seen. Proof positive that crowbars come in handy for all types of things.