Friday, February 01, 2008

January is Done..

along with the ski bike fleet.....8 of'm total:)

Well I suck at challenges that are over 2 weeks long:) Lets see....42hrs put in on slimming my fat ass down for the month....22 days of riding (remember was too be 30 of an hour or more)....4 days on thee stepper...8 beers for the month (remember that was too be 0 )....5lbs lost....3lbs put back on...148 is where I sit as of this morning. Well February is here and I'd like to see 50+ hrs for the month and a weight of 145 by thee end....I really need to eat better....physical set up for thee 6th....I know my cholesterol will be way high....I eat a ramen cup every morning M-F....just yesterday I looked at the box...holy shit....49% sodium....whoa! Riding home meeting Jason?



S.Fuller said...

Squirrel... thinking either black label or gravel around Ankeny tomorrow. What time you wanna meet up and where? Gimme a call 710-7122.

Carney said...

Damn, that's an impressive fleet!!

Buckshot77 said...

Squirrel- shoot me an email or call if you want to ride some gravel around your place Sunday morning first thing 975-4080

jason said...

sorry, bro . . . had kid duty on Friday. dammit it was nice, too!

Cornbread said...

You can never be too safe. Safety first. :)

Good luck with the weight loss. I'm trying to slim down a bit too. Shit gets harder every year!