Thursday, January 03, 2008

A little Contest..

First one to get the year and race location of these 2 same day photos wins a cycling sculpture:)

T-Bone the grace of his computer geekyness and my lack of thinking:) Starting to scan our 3000+ film photos. Damn I've had a ton of fun with alot more to come:)

10-19-1996 back when racing the Pitts was a fucking hoot.



Anonymous said...

The Pits, dude. Peterson!


T-bone said...

Petersons pit race, 1996

Squirrel said...

T-bone gets it...I fucked up and taged the photo....I'm sure Troy used the properties option...damn computer geeks....ehy Troy:) I'll bring you something too the 3-6 race at Landalh:)


T-bone said...

It's like taking candy from a baby.

Paul said...

The river sure looks cleaner in those pictures than it has the past several years. Maybe it is just me.