Saturday, January 12, 2008

Bad afternoon...Back to Day 1

I broke.....8 fucking days and I broke due too being pissed off...stupid, stupid. I only road 30mins on the rollers and I had a Fat Tire.....oh well looks like I'll be starting over. Should have started after this weekends Xmas with the family cause Moms, Dad, Sis ,and thee brothern law like to have a few cocktails. One beer isn't bad, just disappointed in my piss poor decision of going and getting a beer cause I was having a bad afternoon.....should have just taken a safety break and called it good. Stopped by the shop and picked up some rollers.....rollers are fucking awesome....took me all of about 30 seconds to get the swing of it....can't get on them without help yet.....can any of you? I'm just curious. Way better then the stationary trainer:)

Teri is ready to try now:)


Pete Basso said...

Squirrel - I rode the rollers twice; the first time I picked it up pretty quick and the second time I couldn't figure them out??? What the??? I think I lost my patience too quickly. I'll have to give them another try and see what the results are.

Captain Bob said...

Try using them agains a wall or maybe in the kitchen near a table or counter. It will help you a lot.

the original big ring said...

roll'in roll'in roll'in
man my ass is swoll'in
have to ride my trainer

Neve_r_est said...

On my Krietlers there's a little tab that sticks up at the hinge, I can usually put one foot on the tab and start pedaling with the other to get started. Or you can build a box around the rollers so you can put a foot down on the same level as the wheel, just like you would on the open road.


S.Fuller said...

Riding them in a doorway or near a coffee table helps with getting on as well.

len said...

my uncle told me a story about this dude he knew in Georgia who was on the US Army cycling team. Had his rollers set up in the basement so he could ride in the pitch black listening to Dark Side of the Moon. Uncle said there was a large patch of burnt carpet from when he would doze off and drift off the rollers.

Watch out for that.