Thursday, December 13, 2007

Ski Biking this Saturday

Ryan Hanser and I'll be bringing two ski bikes to Southwoods Park on Saturday, and you're invited to join the mayhem...

We'll be on the powerline cut south of the parking lot, using the north and south faces for our runs.

The park is at S 39th Street at Mills Civic Parkway, West Des Moines.

(And, yes, we'd welcome the construction and presentation of new skibikes at this gathering. DIY instructions are all over the Internets; just ask Google: )


Greg you busy on Saturday, want to bring yours down for a couple hours of fun? Riding home this afternoon, Jason you up for a safety meeting? Leaving Ankeny around 2:30pm.



the original big ring said...

f*'ing hell that looks like a hooooot!
More fun than xc and skate skiing I bet!

jason hates driving said...

damn that looks fun. I had to @#$#ing drive today. rockin' tonight late, so probably not riding tomorrow either. SUCKS DRIVING! you're welcome to come over for the rock and roll tonight!

riding next week?

peace and have fun on the ski bikes!

Ed - said...

post a map were this is. I might check it out and bring my snow board out. Been years since I rode that thing. Also, you have the tools to do some welding? We should mount a bike on my show board!

Travel Gravel said...

The man has me working Saturday:( Have a blast! I think we could talk to Joel and maybe ride while they're making snow at night at 7 Oaks? They usually have the lights on when doing so. Who knows...have fun for me! Later!