Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Some Rides Coming Up

Tonight is thee first instalment of the Tuesday Night Gravel Grinders...Chad put the word out yesterday meet at the ped bridge in Water Works Park, leave at 5:30 or so, bring your lights, 2 or 3 hrs, nobody gets left behind:) Wednesday is thee Taco Targhetto Ride, we'll leave Rassy's around 5:30pm bring your lights, not sure where we'll eat, but I am sure where ever that is they will have beer:) Thursday is my birthday big ol' 36 going on 13:) I'll be riding to Yankee Doodle Dans to get me CRC tattoo before thee Homie Fall Fest. Friday I go down home, bow hunting at me dads place Friday night, getting up Saturday too work an auction at me Grandmas house that we're selling, then boogien it back too Des Moines in time to get Teri out for a ride through Denmans.....cause thee Quarter Rage is coming up and I with some others believe Teri can take the ladies single speed record down:) I hold the mens record through Denmans @ 17:38 on a single, while Sweet Jane holds thee ladies record @ 22:04 on a single. Just think the Pottorff's could dominate Quarter Rage this year:)

Lots of other shit going on in October too, thee 3rd Annual Rolling Thunder Enduro Ride is going on this weekend, the Lincoln Beer Ride I believe is on the 13th stay tuned too CVO for exact details:) On the next weekend its Homie Fall Fest which we are still looking for some other mates to come and party:) Sammy?? Justin?? Ed?? Then the on the last weekend I believe again it to be Omaha's Pub Crawl, info. should be up sometime soon. CITA's Spooky Woods ride is in here somewhere too. Put in there all the Cycle Cross Races.... well the whole damn month is booked up:) Also talked to DQ yesterday and he was up too no good as usaul.... he's talking of holding some match Sprint races at a local pub.....I'm down....although I already have an idea of whom the badest man would be......can you all say Loushous:)

this is what a match gold sprint looks like for those of you not in the know:)

Basso and I threw down a lap at Center yesterday afternoon, sure felt good:) I'll be rebuilding all the log crossings in Denmans for the Quarter Rage so don't be thinking your going to smoke through there anymore in its easy state right now:) Denmans is a place to work on yer skillz, if you want flat and fast riding with no obstacles I'd suggest you stay on the pave trails....kiddies:)



jason said...

happy birthday sailor! commutes have been bliss. love the fall... sloppin' in the snow soon! have a great birthday!

Squirrel said...

Thanks buddy, I'll see you again my brutha.