Sunday, September 16, 2007

Paella/ Mowing Squirrels Nest

Saturday night Teri, Izzy and I headed over too the Hansers palace for some outdoor cooking of Paella....Sammy's own kick ass recipe:) Lots of dirt loving mates hanging out for the feast....many drinks were had:)

Thee group enjoying Ryan's commentary:)

Thee outdoor setup:)


Sunday Chris and I went out and opened Squirrels Nest back up.....that shit was super tall, but no match for the Trail Slayer:)

there really is a trail here

a new log in the fast lane...

finishing up the first round by thee old fire pit..

Beer thirty biatches:)



Chris said...

I stopped over at my buddy's after we got done working on the trail. He has a spool (like the one in Justin's picture on his blog, City of Monks) that he says I can have. Do you think you could make use of it on a trail? If so, I can pick it up.

While I was there I picked up an old Schwinn World like the one I was going to look at today in Ames. This one was free though! SCORE!

Chris said...

How does that DR work? I am thinking about scoring one of those.

Squirrel said...

Chris they are BAD ASS:) Went through 6' tall grass/shrub crap for 3.5 hrs with no problems:) Highly recomend one if you have the need:)


jason said...

sorry if I missed ya this a.m. on thee commute. I hit the bridge at 5:38 and waited 'til about 5:45 . . . I needed to ride!

see you saturday? rock and ride. I commute tomorrow, then canoe on wed/thurs . . . and I think a long ride on friday with a spin class in the middle.

stay safe. peace.

Pete Basso said...

Squirrel, I rode the trail last night...thanks for dropping the email yesterday afternoon. It was nice to be able to include Squirrel's Nest back in the loop. Thanks to you and Chris for all the work clearing that pseudo-jungle out. Looks like you guys did some serious work back there. Thanks again!

gwadzilla said...


Paella on the Grill!

it has become a Christmas Eve tradition for me to cook Paella

this tradition involves a great excuse for me to get on my bike no matter the weather and get across town to a market near capital hill
Eastern Market, the building caught fire this year

there is a temp