Thursday, September 27, 2007

New CycloCross Site

Brutha Chris Locke sent me this link to his newest page for all you Cross racing fools:) All info. on Kansas City and Nebraska Cross right at your finger tips:) Hell I think I'm even going to do a little cross this year, don't really know the first thing about it.....ride bikes....simple I can do that:) Sumptner has an old 70's girls Raleigh that would make a nice single crosser...I mean shit if I'm going to do this I have too bring my own squirrelyness to it:) Westy has a freegan bike he's giving away....I think I was late to the auction but ya never know:) If your going to ride the 10-3 Taco Ride bring your lights as it will be dark by the time we get home/off thee trail:) break at the Hobbo Camp is a must:)

We had a little party last night at the Pottorff shack, I want to thank everyone for coming:) Now who's doing it next:)?

Thee baby sitter as Real put it:)


Real Deal and Marko

Chad and Izzy

Teri and I washing every dish we had......too funny....we'll be more prepare next time:)


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