Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A few days OFF

Needed a little blogger break:) Fall coolness is upon the midwest and I'm love'n it:)
I'm a layer type of man ya know:) Taco ride tonight not sure where we'll be heading but I'm assuming it won't be dirt...although HillSide is most likely good and I'm definatly eating some greasy tacos. Thee Fat Tire Fun Ride was a hoot although I got meself purdy smashed:) Lots more photos here.

Stegeman and Justin done some mowing on Sunday with the new Trail Slayer all went good it seems. Then it fucking rained all day Monday...mother fucker.....sorry for that.....just want some fall dirt luven with me mates:) I believe Super Cam may be joining us in the near future for some bevy's:) Bow season is right around the corner along with this cross crap....I think I'm going to have to try a couple.....need to build something hidious up though....hhmmmm? Good Day:)



Chris said...

Finally, a new post! I check back probably 3 times a day, I was getting worried. I was going to make the Taco Ride tonight, but I got stuck babysitting.... damn!

Rasmussen Bike Shop said...

Count me in for some Fat Tire and greasy taco goodness in October!


gwadzilla said...

yo squirrel-

some of my DCMTB team mates here in DC are headed to Landahl

do you know if there is a cool shop in good proximity to the race site where they could UPS their bikes?

gwadzilla8 at yahoo dot com