Wednesday, May 02, 2007

TR & 6hrs Of Platte

Taco Ride tonight, Rassys at 5:30, a couple loops of Roller Coaster and HillSide then up in the air til we slam some cheap beer & greasy goodness:) Denmans will be out of action for quite some time if you don't already know this:( Entrance looks very inviting but a 200yrds in and it sucks,lots of standing water at the exit, Standard J-11 same way if your coming from the shop...looks good and in a few days you might be able to make it too Shoemakers private plot....but once again if you've tempted Standard J off the pavetrail south of Greenwood you don't make it too far before water is all you see...gonna be awhile before our flood plain loops are dry then lots of work too do. So if'n ya want to ride some miles you may want too check out Crowder (2hrs), Omaha/Council Bluffs (2hrs but 4 or 5 different trails with in minutes)...Boone (1hr or less), Ames (40 min.)....anyone:), or just ride your road bike for awhile:)

Dennis and I will be hitting 6hrs of Platte......been awhile since I've had an effort on the bike I'm welcoming it with open arms:)



MOD said...

sweet dude, glad you and dg are coming to platte. annie and i will be there, trails a mega around here right now. hopefully i can say the same in 10 days.

Cornbread said...

Hellz yeah! You're both gonna love Platte. Well, you'll probably love it for the first 3 hours anyway. :)