Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Taco Ride Tonight

Yes I would likt too order 2 badonka donk butts.... Please

Hump days Taco Ride going down at Rassys @ 5:30pm or at the pool parking lot by 6pm. We'll loop it up then head to Giff's 5th Street Pub for $1.25 fat ass tacos:) Don't be scared too bring a bevey or two for the ride:) Meeting Scott Atzen today about rerouting the entrance & exit too Denmans....12:15 if you want to join...behind QT at the pave trail. Tomorrow night is the first Water Works Park Omnium....get yer road bike out and race it kiddies:) Thats all I have other then my achillies seems to be feeling better.....hhmmm...



Julie said...

I need to quit reading your blog...makes me want mushrooms and I have never hunted for them...wouldn't know where to go/start! AAUUGGHH!

Chris said...

what is on that taco?

Squirrel said...

Julie- get ahold of me I'll take you out. 490-6239

Chris- everything that a race geek don't want:), but all the good fixens for an offseason chow hound.