Thursday, March 08, 2007

Weather Look'n Good Fo Dis Weekends 100 Mile'r:)

All right kiddies prepare for gett'n dirty:) Can't wait to sit my ass on a seat for a long number of hours....even broke out the sinu and did some sewing on me North Face Mtn. Biker bag that I'll be using in Trans Iowa. Its a sawheat bag that just needed a couple of extra some zip ties stuffed in too the sinch string holes of the bottle holders to give them some structure, before... when you pulled the bottle out they colapsed in...not now. I also sewed a pit strap onto the shoulder strap so when I'm out of the saddle climbing I won't have to fuck with pulling it back up again. Pit straps are cool!! Ladies with hairy pits.....they kinda scare me:), but its cool that they are doing what they want:) Picked up a sawheat ass cruiser (FO FREE...) this morning from Kurt Hantleman...Thanks mate....Teri and I will ride that biatch:) If you think you may be riding with us on Sat. morning leave a comment... pateints isn't a strong point in me character if you know what I mean....I'm not much on waiting around long unless I know someone is coming:)

For all you freaks out there that love to run check out Dirt Diva.... holy cow...this she'la is a ball of serious energy!!

They don't make'm like this around these parts!



Neve_r_est said...

Hmm...nice outfit. I think she might have you beat in the tat department.

What time is the Hundy startin? Pretty sure I'll be in attendence.
Anybody else?


Catra said...

Hey S-

Thanks for putting my picture up. Love all your tatts.
I love art work. I'm working on my right arm sleeve. I get to go get poked in a couple weeks.
Pain is pleasure ;)

Chris said...

I like her tats.

Squirrel said...

Dennis- 9am we leave Rassy's. I'm working on catching up in the tat department:)

Catra- trust me it was a tough decision on which photo of yours too use:) Ink & Art...yes they are beautiful:)

Chris- sure you do:)