Monday, March 12, 2007

Hilly Hundy= 102 Miles, 6475 Feet Of Climbing, In Just 8:09:32

What can I say other then it was a beautiful day for a ride:) I reciceved me first sunburn racing stripe on the Hilly Hundy. We (Teri,Dennis,Taylor,and I) left around 9:05am for the beginning of a good day. Teri and Taylor we're out for the 40 mile loop while Dennis and I would tackle the hundy on our own. Before we even left town the gravel on RRP was a total mess.....Teri was ready too turn around and say fuck it, but I managed to talk her into staying, saying that would be the worse part...of her ride:) Once we made it too Booneville Rd we met yet another mate whom wanted to suffer...Brian Duffy of the Register joined the bally hoo of gravel poo-poo:) On too Booneville, once here we stopped so Teri could get back on with us, I was joking around saying Teri is most likely wishing she would have ridden gears instead of her single....when she rolled up....those where her exact words....we all laughed:) Once we got to Warren Rd we parted ways with the 40 oz'ers, Dennis,Duffy and I would roll south on this roller coaster of a road. At mile 37 Duffy decided to bail feeling he was holding Dennis and I up, he was hanging on the flats but the hills where showing his age:) that is a joke by the way:) Duffy had too have ended up with at least 60 miles by the time he got his butt back home. It was nice meeting you my brutha, good luck at Leadville:) We got off track a few times, I guess this most likely happens when you don't recon the ride before hand. Route slip doesn't tell the differece between gravel and level B's either:) Lots of horses out in southern Iowa...on one of the climbs, Dennis and I get to the top and there is this older lady hanging out with other folks with their horses...she yells at us...did you just climb that hill.....we reply....yup.....are you breathing hard....yup....thats funny I ride it all the time on my horse and it don't bother me at all.....oh the things I could have responded with but choose to bite me tonge:) I won't bore you with more talk of the day other than it was a great ride:) We ended up stopping in Norwalk with a 102 miles, calling Teri to come and pick us up cause I didn't bring any lights (yes I'm a dumbass).

Dennis, Taylor and Teri

Duffy and Taylor flying downhill

Duffy and Dennis in Booneville

Taylor had food and da doggy wanted some

Teri coming into town

lots of these today

Dennis and I

more hills

the climb before the old lady and the gravel to the right was 38th Ave, no sign, and when we rode down it

it turned to poopy TI conditions:) time too reroute:)

I soooo deserve one of those:)

The chocolate milk monster him self, we were in New Virginia

Green Pine Wildlife Area I'd like too stop here next time I'm on this route perhaps a ride and camp excursion

Fuck you too all the slackers:) Yes I'm flipping myself off:)

yes....may I have another....

looks aren't face say's...Yea I'm having a great right knee begs to differ at this point in the ride:)

greasy Kum & Go food at last....with lots of chocolate milk of course

a half cooked chuckwagon tastes purdy damn good to me broken down ass:)

Thee tell tell gps of Dennis'

Not bad for Iowa...

Thats it kids, now go out and enjoy the 70 degree day this afternoon, as I'll be heading down home to pick up me deer sausage....yummy:)



Arleigh said...

we dont have gravel like that around "these parts"

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the hilly hundy, it was great meeting you. If hindsight were 20/20 I should have stayed with you guys, my ride back was a freaking nightmare. The paved road that I took was closed about 2 miles down, they took out the bridge over a creek .I attempted to hoof it around the cranes through the mud and clay across the creek which was filled with loose chunks of concrete and rusty rebar and up the other side, by the time I got out of there my bike and shoes weighed another 40 pounds. It took about 20 minutes to clean the gunk off my cleats and tires, and I still didn't get it all. Rode on to Martinsdale and took the paved trail, mistake #2, as the trail was clogged with snow, 2 feet deep in some areas, and very slippery as I found out when my bike skidded from under me. All of that would have been so bad had my cleats not been clogged with concrete, they wouldn't let go of the pedals for anything. Got to Cumming and retraced our outward bound route, I was never so happy to see gravel, slop, or not. By the time I got home I had damn near close 75 miles, but I didn't feel all that bad. I did miss out on the chocolate milk. my favorite on long rides. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger so I'll be back, I want to see what the rest of that route looks like.
Thanks again, Duffy

Pete Basso said...

Nice job to all of you who rode the Hilly Hundy. As I said to you yesterday, you amaze me that you can not ride for a month and then turn around and hammer out a 100 miles on a single speed mtn bike!! You're a freak of nature my brother!

Your new house is AWESOME, thanks for showing me through yesterday. Can't wait to have a couple of bbq's this summer in your backyard.

Mojoe said...

You guys ROCK!!

Cellarrat said...

Very Nice...

gravel like that is a little hard to come by in CO!

See you in April!

Fxdwhl said...

Look's like a good one! What gearing were you running?

Squirrel said...



3p0 said...

good job guys, congrats..

great weekend to be out, wasn't it...

see ya saturday

Webbies said...

Thanks for putting on the ride man. I headed out on the 40 again sunday for some more fun. Great Ride!!

Chris said...

Nice mileage. Good job bro.

the mostly reverend said...

man, those long lonesome gravel stretches look great. isn't off-road iowa great? brian [and the rest of your readers], you've GOT to try this gravel race next saturday. killer shit.

cyclingdave said...

sweet ride.

Mike Howard said...

Nice job squirrel ! Nice to see that gravel starting to unthaw !

Taugimba said...

Looks like a great ride! Can't wait for a little (or a lot) of that good ole Iowa gravel.