Friday, March 16, 2007

Digging Up Me BKB Hate!

Nothen like a good fucking hair cut too thow out some BKB attitude. Getting reved up for this weekends throw down....disappionted that the Snob won't be attending:( Oh well just another notch up on the finishing ladder:) We'll be toeing up too the line in Ouachita soon enough. Lots to do tonight...wash Monkey, build Badger, pack race bag, pack camping goods, dye mohawk green, stans me tubes....all while downing a few brews. Piece of Cake! Race report on have a great weekend.

BKB Possessed

BKB Possessed 2....inverting colors is purdy damn cool.



ExtrmTao said...

Nice, scary but nice.

mattonne said...

style points, style points, STYLE POINTS!!!

Ryan said...

First photo is pure Taxi Driver.

Have fun in KC!h

Anonymous said...

Also reminds me of Natural Born Killers............exceptional!


Squirrel said... talk'n to talk'n to me....