Wednesday, February 28, 2007

35 Degree Ride.....Yummy

Had to bail on the gravel gig as the plumber was running late to take out the water softner. I ended up on the fixie tooling around town, side streets blow ass, main streets where good to go. Tooled over to Yankee Doodle Dans shop so I could make Teri and I's next appointments, then over to the Beaverdale area, back through Drake, too downtown, then back towards home...a good 1.25hrs. Big Smiles followed the ride:)

tooling 48th street past Westy's

dropped off a cat skull for The Punks latest build

can't remember who its for.....but looks sweet....kinda....Cat like:)

Teri and Izzy kick'n it by the fire fo a feed'n:)

HILLY HUNDY MOVED TOO THE 10TH OF MARCH...., We'll ride at 9am, you can check it out here and we'll meet here:) Come on Good Weather Man:)



the mostly reverend said...

our waveland park neighborhood association PRIDES itself on

we keep our priorities straight, and our values fucked up.

hope ya hollared as you went by!

Mojoe said...

Nice fixie! Love the color, but it looks like he needs a bigger frame. My back aches just looking at it.

the inebriationist said...

No good for me on the 10th (stupid wedding, not mine). I may come a ride a portion with you though, if things turn out.

cyclingdave said...

nice bike. cool skull. but it'll hell to clean after riding in slush. btw. the bike room is inspirational.