Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy "Wet Ass" New Year:):)!!

Paul Black the ride king pin......long distance record holder.

Dennis Grelk, Teri Sue, Steve Fuller and Paul

Team Tandem, Randy, Westy, Teri and Steve...

what a day:)

frozen goop...

Kyle me bananna bread test piggy:)

Happy Fucking New Year Mates.....thank you Dennis:):) Teri and I enjoyed the bevey after the ride:)



Julie said...

Banana bread is very good!

the mostly reverend said...

missed your exit, slimfast. nice to ride with you and mama. hope your homeless days end soon!

sfuller said...

geez rev... you didn't even wait around to HAVE a riding partner on the route home. At least slimfast had an excuse ;)