Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Gett'n Back Too The Basics Of Love...


From Dave Mable: 1200 Miles and a Cup’O Dirt!

There’s the Stanley Cup, Iowa Cup, World Cup…. All kinds of cups – now we’ve got 1200 Miles and a Cup’O Dirt!

Get out those fattys and start login’ the miles kids – git yerself a cup’o dirt! What the heck is this cup’o dirt? Jam out 12 dirty century’s in 2007 and score a cup’o dirt. Presented by Cycling Update, you can follow along as Iowans, Midwesterners, hey this is web based – anyone around the frik’n world logs dirty centurys! Celebrations will commence in December of ’07 somewhere in central Iowa where, following a dirty century, on either the 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month, we’ll share some grub, swap stories, pictures and pass out the swag. Ya won’t wanna miss this one!

Swag? Did you say ‘SWAG’?! Sure did, JimBob! Fer starters, each logger of miles will receive a bonnified, certified Cup’O Dirt, thanks to Iowa Discount Homes. Rest assured it’ll be “Mable Bathroom” worthy, mostly cuz I’m putt’n the danged thing on, and I wants sumthun sweet fer my bathroom! Second of all, we gots a sweet pair O’ Oakley’s, compliments of Iowa boy – Oakley Rob – that’ll be raffled from all 1200 milers! Also, I gots all year to score some sweet swag fer all finishers!

So, what’s it take? Well, Ya gotta score 12 dirt centuries, ‘tween January 1 and December 31, 2007. If’n ya does one each month, ya git sumthin purty special! Don’t know what ‘tis, but it’ll be sweet! Ya gotta send me proof of each hunerd miler – sumthin’, anythin’ that’ll tell me ya did it. Purty picture of you with yer rig at some town sign, a picture of yer computer showin’ a hunerd miles, yer GPS readout, yer basic route description; ‘I dun went to Perry, then to Jefferson, then did done ride my bike home’, sumthun like that. Send yer proof to dave@all9yards. Ya gotta do at least 80 of the hunerd miles on dirt – any dirt’ll do, singletrack, doubletrack, gravel, even a B-road’r two. Heck, ya can ride a thousand circles on a hunerd yard dirt track! It can be a race, organized tour, or even on yer own. Ya can even combine a race and on yer own. Let’s say ya ride from yer home town in Cedar Falls to a race in Webster City and do the race. The ride there is 60 miles, the race is 40 – That’s a whole hunerd miles! Git it?

What else? Well, I’d like fer ya to follow the rules of the road – stop at stop signs, don’t cross the yeller lines and such. ‘specially if ya’s name is Lou. Be nice to locals when’s ya stop and stink up ther eat’n an drink’n establishments. Wear yer helmets, use lights at night, tell yer Mommy where yer goin’, ya know, stuff like that. Like, use yer brain and stuff! I ain’t hostin’ these rides, so yer on yer own. I is just keep’n track of yer miles, so I really ain’t responsible fer ya – you are! Be safe and smart. Nuff said?

So, ya might be asking yosef what else counts. Like, I is doin the Trans-Iowa, does that count? Yes, ya can count 3 fer that tiger! But they is all in one month. To do the every month gig – ya gotta do one each month. What if ya does an overnighter from one month to the next? Well, I’ll let you decide which month to count it in. If I does an overnighter, can I sleep? No, sleeping makes it two rides, not one, so a century it isn’t. What if I do a century as an organized tour, does that count? Only if it’s on dirt! Do my centurys have to be in Iowa? No! Ya’ll can log one on every continent – twice! Ya can do centuries that cross state lines, country lines (have yer passport!) even COUNTY lines (gasp!). Be creative, have fun, invite friends, enjoy some good food. Ya’ll can even use this little challenge as an excuse to git a new bike!

I’ll keep a running tally of the crazys who takes this on on Cycling Update. Send me yer pics, yer stories, yer great routes to share – I’ll put cool stuff, good stories and the like on the site. If’n ya got’s questions er comments, ya’ll can e-mail me at

Good luck and have fun!
Dave Mable

Now if'n that don't sound fun....well.....shit Dixie.....we're just gonna have too shoot the ole' car'n get ta ride'n.....

Building me wheels up this afternoon....yippy....Monkey back, Monkey back....



Steak Sauce said...

Do we get extra kudos for doing these in snow? January in New Hampshire you know.

Midz said...

Nice Waylon reference for your title.

Squirrel said...

Steak Sauce- Sure....but you'll have to keep track of those:)

Midz- Nice catch:)...I was wondering who would catch that:)