Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Extreme Sports Channel....

Just received the link to Nicks write up on the Cycling Tattoo Gallery.......called...RIDER FOR LIFE....purdy damn cool. After the leg weights yesterday I decided to start the trainer regimen on the 8th instead of the 2nd, break'um in on the weight thing first then hammer them into oblivion:) I was "sore" as in I could tell I had lifted something yesterday......they feel good today....I'll stretch good this morning then hit them again tomorrow. The Rev's legs aren't sore....but he's just an old hardcore fucker....I am merely a soft wanna be:):) We should know today wheather we got the house or not....waiting sucks:( Tic-toc...tic-toc... Getting back into the shop and throwing some bikes together so I can get me Salsa Delgoto rims and Superlight Carbon fork from On One for the 29r.. hoping to have parts by months end.. until next time kiddies...ride safe biatches::))



the mostly reverend said...

would that cap keep my ass dry on new year's day?

[nice story on extreme, slimfast!]

the mostly reverend said...

congrats on the house; it's the new nest. missed a great ride today, but there will be more.