Monday, January 22, 2007

Blah, blah, blah

Don't have anything exiciting.....packed all weekend.....Rassy trailer already loaded....sitting......waiting...waiting.....putting on some riding all weekend long....snow.... the snow bikes out....didn't ride fridge and stove ready too be delievered.....leather goods for living room next.....need to make shelves....need to pick out our paint.....yup no riding this week either:(....get moved in and back to the routine:)



Jeff Kerkove said...

Where are you staying for Ouachita?
E-Mail me.

kerkovej [at]

Just want to try to lodge in the same area.

Julie said...

But it will be so worth it when you are finally in the house!!

the mostly reverend said...

if this is your last ever move, then it's time well-spent. just look at all your crap and think, if i ever move you again, it's to the curb!

good luck!

S.Fuller said...

It will all be worth it brother squirrel. You'll keep the weight off moving boxes in and out of the trailer. :)

Paul said...

Sitting in that new house by the fire place will be everything better!

We still have a lot of time to train for TI don't worry!

Squirrel said...

Tapping some ass by that fire place WILL BE GREAT:)!!! I hear ya know the cyclists guilt thats all I'm dealing with I know it will get better:)