Friday, January 26, 2007

Mark Your Calendars..2007 MidWest MTB Festival

If you have never been to a MTB festival, PAMBA's 2007 MidWest MTB Festival would be a great way to start:) I believe the festival is in its 5th year, correct me if I'm wrong please. Teri and I went to what I believe too be the first two held in Kansas City, Mo. by the awesome Earth Riders Trial Association or ERTA at Landalh Park....which in my humble opionon is the best all around race course/trails in the midwest:) Then for the next two years the party animals from Gateway Off-Road Cycliists or GORC of St. Louis, Mo. took over the reins. Now heading too Peoria, IL...where brutha MIDZ and his crew are getting ready for a kick ass type weekend.....boasting....Illinois best singletrack, downhill course, and an MTX dirt jump area.....I will do my best to get Teri and I with some more of our Iowa bruthas and sistas too load up and go, full weekend events are hands down the best ones to attend:)



Midz said...

A couple of us usually end our evenings with good porters or stouts playing "name that tune/artist" on our classic country station. Now I know you'd be down for some of that!

Thanks for the post!!

mattonne said...

Classic country???? Actually if you talk to Howie I think the drink of choice was redbulls/smirnoff at least thats the excuse WE all got...:)

Midz said...

Well....yeah, we have those to drink too!

Mike Howard said...

I'll have the Heavy Metal going Matt !!

Thanks Squirrel for the post ! I'll be leading rides at one of the parks I hope you and the Mrs can make it !