Friday, December 29, 2006

Good Ride....No Houseing Around!!

Went out with a few mates yesterday, they all being geared though meant I bailed on their ride around 20 miles in opting for some gravel hills:) I bailed off the Great Western Trail at Fillmoore st., headed west too Warren Ave.( a kick ass hill training gravel), then back north passing John Krantz's place too 105th, back east too the pavetrail and home turning in a whooping 40.14 miles in 2.5 hrs. Damn I need to get back into the legs where starting to feel ready for some pain when I was riding 3 or 4 days a week. Yesterday however they were in pain...oh well I fucking rode and it kicked ass:) Went home to do some good stretching.....ah and a beer please:) 3 houses too look at today...yippee.....all we want is a 2 car garage, fireplace, basement, 3 bedroom, good size yard (fenced of course), a fairly newer AC/furnace/water heater, and a good damn it is that asking to much in this here perfect world of mine?????:):):) I think NOT!!!

Ah the country liven..

MMMMMM gravel.....

2 great roades for hills:)

Damn it.....I never had one of those while waiting for the bus.....





the mostly reverend said...

hey, brian--we had fun riding with you. wound up going to martinsdale, then north to norwalk, over to carlisle, then in via easter lake. only two [nameless] riders bonked, and they survived, thanks to the kindness of strangers. well, me. kinda stranger.

PLEASE ride with us again. new year's day ride from the far west side star bux, maybe?

twas good having you, man!

Squirrel said...

Twas a good ride:) My dumb ass should have taken that pissing photo...all 10 of ya had too piss at the same time....priceless....and I missed it:(

New Years Day ride yes...Teri and I are there:)


Bake said...

I want a place I can lay my head, soft woman and a warm bed
A little time off before I’m dead, I am a simple man

Being a country boy you should know this song.

sydney_b said...

that's a cute pic of the family. have a great new year, squirrel